Gender Studies Statement on AAPI Violence

The UCLA Department of Gender Studies condemns the murders in Atlanta and the wave of racial violence directed at Asian Americans that has swept the country. The massacre reminds us that the bigotry is usually multi-layered, one form of hate reinforcing another. Seven of the eight victims were women and all (in the shooter’s mind) were sex workers. The violence perpetrated was gendered, but licensed and supported by anti-Asian bias. Racism and misogyny must not be tolerated and hatred of Asian Americans is all too real and pervasive.   Please join me in extending condolences to the families who have lost mothers, sisters, daughters, and friends. Let us hope that they receive justice and that our leaders recognize anti-Asian, anti-woman violence for what it is, a hate crime.

We also support the statement issued by the UCLA Center for Asian-American Studies, the Department of Asian-American Studies and the UCLA Center for the Study of Women and urge you to read it.

Kathryn Norberg

Interim Chair

UCLA Department of Gender Studies