Bianca Beauchemin

Bianca Beauchemin

Office: 1120 Rolfe Hall


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Bianca Beauchemin is a PhD candidate in Gender Studies at UCLA. Her dissertation research seeks to re-narrate the Haitian Revolution through Black feminist and Black queer epistemologies and methodologies. Disrupting the authority of the colonial archive and of prevalent masculinist framings of insurgency discourses, she explores the ways in which embodiment, labor, sensuousness, spirituality, marronage, resistance and alternative sexualities and genders, re-imagine the edicts of freedom and Black liberation. Anchored in historic moments of the Haitian Revolution and Haitian Independence, her research unearths the queerly diasporic revolutionary consciousness of Afro-diasporic religious rituals, Black fugitivity, Black women’s labor, and embodied and rooted sensuous practices of liberation. Indeed, beneath the surface of the Bois-Caïman ceremony, the burning of Le Cap, the implementation of French slavery abolition laws, and post-independence literature, reside opaque, yet ingenious, formulations of Black liberation and resistance that unsettle Western discourses of archives, modernity, “humanness,” and freedom.

Research Interests

Black Diaspora Studies, Black Queer Studies, Black Feminism, Postcolonial Literature, Ethnomusicology, Black Cultural Studies and the Black Radical Tradition.