David Preciado

David Preciado

Office: 1120 Rolfe Hall

Email: preciadojusto@ucla.edu

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David Preciado received his J.D. from UC, Irvine Law School in Spring 2021.  While in law school, he worked for the Immigrant Justice Clinic where he assisted clients with expungements, green card renewals, and asylum applications.  Prior to law school David worked for five years in NYC and LA for nonprofits that provide free legal assistance to undocumented immigrants seeking relief.  His research interests are in legal studies, immigration, queer theory and feminist jurisprudence.  David wants to examine how transgender asylum seekers navigate a hostile immigration system. David was born and raised in Los Angeles.  He went to UC, Santa Barbara for undergrad where he majored in Chicana/o Studies and Sociology with a minor in Queer Theory.  David uses the pronouns he/him/his.

Research Interests

Immigration, Law, Queer Theory, Transgender Rights, Constitutional Law, Latinx Studies, U.S. Third World Feminism