Nashra Mahmood

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Nashra Mahmood

Office: 1120 Rolfe Hall



Nashra Mahmood is a doctoral student in Gender Studies, whose current research pursuits include circulation of fake news, online citizenry, SNS (social networking sites) user habits, and bridging the gap between qualitative and computational research methods. Their previous work has focused on connections between informal economy and activist organizing in India, to illuminate the various survival strategies undertaken by street vendors and beedi rollers, to bypass state and non-state actors. Their ongoing research project is interested in the interplay of “Data”, “Facts”, and “Authenticity” in the midst of mis/information or data overload, on SNS. Specifically interested in the question of digital news-making in India, and the social construction of ‘data’, Mahmood plans to engage in 12 months of fieldwork at digital newsrooms in India. In addition to collecting qualitative data, they will be text mining tweets that reference communally hostile hashtags trending on “Indian Twitter”, using techniques such as sentiment analysis, topic modeling.