Wei Si Nic Yiu 姚煒詩

Wei Si Nic Yiu

Wei Si Nic Yiu 姚煒詩

Office: 1120 Rolfe Hall

Email: yiuwei@g.ucla.edu

Research Interests:

Queer of colour critique, Queer theory, Queer Asian theory, Black feminist theory, Care and community, Intimacy and labour, Ethnography, Transnational feminism, Women of Colour Feminism


Wei Si Nic Yiu (姚煒詩) is a Gender Studies PhD student, who also received a Master of Arts in Gender Studies at the Women and Gender Studies Institute at the University of Toronto, Canada. Their research explores the unruly, incoherent, and ambiguous relationships between migrant women as migrant workers, intimate lovers, and friends in Hong Kong to reveal the intricate processes of how capital, place, and people are entangled with one another. Engaging with critical formulations and theories of intimacies, Nic intends to illustrate and examine how queer migrant women’s ambiguous relationships with each other are dependent on the intimacies of global development, following critical historian Lisa Lowe and Nayan Shah, as well as queer of colour scholars such as: Anjali Arondekar, Cathy Cohen, and Roderick Ferguson. Hong Kong as a nexus of migrant flows produces racial formation that shows the intimate histories of colonialism(s), imperialism, capitalism, and globalization. Unlike sites in North America that broadly imagine the category of migrant as non-white, Nic situates Hong Kong as a site that (re)produces a substantially different racial formation that requires a re-interrogation of the concept of ‘migrant’ away from the concentrated sites in the global North. Their work is informed and inspired by their own experiences of migration as a queer person of colour in Hong Kong, Beijing, and Toronto. Nic enjoys writing poetry and spoken word pieces and some of their recent work has been featured on Bust. Their upcoming work on self-care will be featured in Rethinking Women’s and Gender Studies II edited by Ann Braithwaite and Catherine M. Orr (Routledge 2020).