Current Projects

Projects housed under Gender Studies at UCLA

The Center for Critical Internet Inquiry (C2i2) is a critical internet studies community committed to reimagining technology, championing social justice, and strengthening human rights through research, culture, and public policy. C2i2 initiatives include the Minderoo Initiative on Technology and Power, the Critical Internet Studies Program, Digital Civil Rights, and the Data, Power, and Racial Justice Initiative

Race and Deaths in Custody contains case studies of Indigenous, Black and racialized peoples who have died in state custody in countries of the global North. We analyze these deaths in custody to reveal their racial underpinnings. It is our hope that in building this archive, we become better able to develop a critical race and feminist analysis to sustain our political anti-violence projects.

The Racial Violence Hub creates a virtual community of feminist critical race scholars, artists, activists, and organizations working on issues of racial violence and the state. The Hub’s goal is to foster research, develop critical pedagogies and share resources for anti-violence practices around state violence against Indigenous and racialized peoples.