Graduate Student Resources

Graduate Student Review Site For current Gender Studies Graduate Students. You will need a current UCLA logon and password to access the site.

The following links contain valuable information for incoming and current graduate students. Many of the resources below are inspired by the experiences of current graduate students. We hope this information enables you to benefit from the experiences of others and assist you in making the most of your graduate experience. The information contained below is meant to supplement information provided in the Gender Studies Graduate Student Handbook and the UCLA Graduate Division’s Standards and Procedures for Graduate Study at UCLA.

  • Teaching This section contains valuable teaching resources for incoming and current graduate students. As resources and protocols vary widely from university to university, even those students with prior teaching experience will benefit from the information contained in this section. Resources include information on how to obtain and utilize technology in the classroom, request instructional media, use class websites, as well on advice on grading, preventing plagiarism, teaching students to use library resources, and assisting students with disabilities.
  • Funding While the Department of Gender Studies makes every effort to fund it students, we highly recommend seeking additional funding from other sources. This could include campuswide fellowships, grants from private organizations, and federally-funded grants. While not exhaustive, the list of resources contained in this section will get you started and many of these fellowships are ones that our graduate students have successfully obtained in the past. The list includes dissertation fellowships and travel grants.
  • Career Preparing for and entering the job market can be daunting. The resources contained in this section should help to make this process a bit easier. Information includes everything from how to tap into academic communities, present your research at academic conferences, get your work published, find job listings, and explore opportunities outside of academia. This section also includes suggestions for relevant articles and book dealing with issues of professional development and the academic job hunt.