Schedule of Classes

SPRING 2023 Courses

Core Courses

GS 102 (Power), GS 103 (Knowledge) and GS 104 (Bodies). The core courses examine theories and analytical concepts in the context of the historical periods and social movements from which ideas emerge. Conceived as conceptual and analytic toolkit courses, the core courses focus on works of theory, criticism, and historiography central to scholarly investigation in the field of gender studies.

GS 102: Power
This course considers how feminist social movements have identified and challenged gender-based subordination, and the ways feminist theorists have conceived and critiqued traditional theories of power. Questions to be considered include: How have women’s and other social movements defined and challenged social, political and economic subordination? How have feminist theorists addressed the subject of power? How do empire, colonialism, liberalism, neoliberalism and globalization produce distinctive forms of gendered violence, gendered knowledge, and gendered subjectivities? How are gender and sexuality produced and regulated by law, nation, and economy?

GS 103: Knowledge 
This course explores the social production of knowledge about gendered subjects and gender systems. Students will engage key issues in feminist theory and feminist epistemology. How do feminist scholars identify and frame research questions? How is knowledge about marginalized subjects produced? How has feminism challenged dominant understandings of knowledge, rationality, objectivity, and scientific method? How have social movements sought to challenge traditional modes of knowledge production?

GS 104: Bodies
This course explores scholarly theories and histories of the body, focusing on topics including sex identities, sexuality, gendered violence, and reproductive politics. Questions to be considered include: How has science, medicine and culture sought to distinguish “male” from “female” in different historical periods and locations? How have the meanings of the terms “sex” and “gender” varied across time and place? How has the gendered body been represented in different visual cultures? How have embodied identities been produced in different historical and geographic contexts? What is the relationship between embodiment and desire?

Approved Courses

Beyond the core courses listed above, three types of courses meet the Major/Minor requirements:

  • Courses offered by GS
  • Courses cross/multi-listed with GS and other departments
  • Selected departmental courses

The General Catalog section on Gender Studies includes full course descriptions for GS-sponsored or multi-listed courses, and a listing of regularly offered departmental courses (see those departmental listings for those course descriptions).

The Schedule of Classes lists those courses being offered for each quarter; it will include courses described in the General Catalog and courses which are offered just for that quarter (special topics, new courses, advanced seminars, etc.).


Gender Studies Course Listing

Lower Division Courses
10. Introduction to Gender Studies

Upper Division Core Courses
102. Power
103. Knowledge
104. Bodies
187. Research Seminar


Upper Division Elective Courses
108. Violence against Women
112. Special Topics in Women and the Arts
113. Sex Work
120. Internship in Gender Studies
122. Masculinities
123. Latin American Women in Film
125. Women and Healthcare in the U.S.
129. Caribbean Women
130. Women of Color in the U.S.
131. Feminist Politics in Korea and the Diaspora
134. Gender, Science, and Theory
138. Gender and Popular Culture
139. Women and Art in Contemporary U.S.
142. Race, Gender, and Punishment
145. African American Women’s History
156A. History of Women in the U.S.: Rebellious Women of the 20th Century
171A. Women, Gender, and Law: Jurisprudence of Sexual Equality
185. Special Topics in Gender Studies
195. Community or Corporate Internships in Gender Studies
197. Individual Studies in Gender Studies
198A-198B-198C. Honors Research in Gender Studies
199. Directed Research in Gender Studies

Cross-Listed Courses
 Outside Department Course # – GS Course # – Title
Afro-American Studies
Afro-Am/Gender M109. Women in Jazz
Afro-Am/Gender M172. Afro-American Woman in U.S.
Afro-Am M179A. Slavery and Black Women Writers

Anthro/Gender M151. Marriage, Family, and Kinship
Anthro/Gender M154P. Gender Systems: North America
Anthro/Gender M154Q. Gender Systems: Global
Anthro/Gender M155. Women’s Voices: Their Critique of Anthropology of Japan
Anthro/Gender M155Q. Women and Social Movements

Art History
Art His 110J. Feminism and French Art

Asian American Studies
Asia Am/Gender M164. Women, Violence, Globalization: India, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam

Chicana and Chicano Studies
Chicano M110/Gender M132A. Chicana Feminism
Chicano M154/Gender M132B. Contemporary Issues among Chicanas
Chicano/Gender M133. Chicana Lesbian Literature
Chicano M135/Gender M135C. Bilingual Writing Workshop
Chicano/Gender M144. Women’s Movement in Latin America
Chicano M147/Gender M147C. Transnational Women’s Organizing in Americas
Chicano M158/Gender M157. Chicana Historiography

Classic 169. Sex in the Ancient World

Communication Studies
Comm St/Gender M149. Media: Gender, Race, Class, and Sexuality

Comparative Literature
Com Lit/Gender CM170 CM170. Alternate Traditions: In Search of Female Voices in Contemporary Literature

Disability Studies
Dis Std/Gender M121. Topics in Gender and Disabilities

Educ147. LGBTS Issue in Education and Law
Educ/Gender M148. Women in Higher Education
Educ/Gender CM178. Critical Media Literacy and Politics of Gender
Educ/Gender CM178L. Critical Media Literacy and Politics of Gender: Laboratory

Engl M101A/Gender M105A. Premodern Queer Literatures and Cultures
Engl M101B/Gender M105B. Queer Literatures and Cultures, 1850 to 1970
Engl M101C/Gender M105C. Queer Literatures and Cultures after 1970
Engl M101D/Gender M105D. Studies in Queer Literatures and Cultures
Engl/Gender M107A. Studies in Women’s Writing
Engl/Gender M107B. Studies in Gender and Sexuality
Engl/Gender M126. Feminist and Queer Theory
Engl 183C. Pornography and Politics of Sexual Representation
Engl/Gender M191D. Topics in Queer Literatures and Cultures
Engl/Gender M191E. Topics in Gender and Sexuality

Ethnomu/Gender M109. Women in Jazz

Film and Television
Film TV/Gender M111. Women and Film

Geog/Gender M146. Feminist Geography

Grntlgy/Gender M104C. Diversity in Aging: Roles of Gender and Ethnicity

Hist/Gender M133A-M133B. History of Women in Europe
Hist/Gender M133C. History of Prostitution
Hist M147C/Gender M147B. History of Women in Colonial British America and Early U.S., 1600 to 1860
Hist/Gender M147D. History of Women in U.S., 1860 to 1980
Hist M151D/Gender M157. Chicana Historiography
Hist/Gender M173B. Women in 20th-Century Japan
Hist/Gender M180B. Historical Perspectives on Gender and Science
Hist M187A/Gender M186A. Global Feminism, 1850 to the Present

Honors Collegium
Hnrs/Gender M106. Imaginary Women

Labor and Workplace Studies
Lbr&WS/Gender M114. Women’s Movement in Latin America
Lbr&WS/Gender M149. Media: Gender, Race, Class, and Sexuality

German M107/Gender M108. Love and Sex in German Literary Tradition
German M105/Gender M119. Tristan, Isolde, and History of Heterosexuality
Russian M127/Gender M127. Women in Russian Literature
French/Gender M140. Women’s Studies in French Literature
Italian/GenderM 158. Women, Gender, and Sexuality in Italian Culture
Scandinavian CM144A/Gender M186. Voices of Women in Nordic Literature

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies
LGBTS M101A/Gender M105A. Premodern Queer Literatures and Cultures
LGBTS M101B/Gender M105B. Queer Literatures and Cultures, 1850 to 1970
LGBTS M101C/Gender M105C. Queer Literatures and Cultures after 1970
LGBTS M101D/Gender M105D. Studies in Queer Literatures and Cultures
LGBTS/Gender M107B. Studies in Gender and Sexuality
LGBTS/Gender M114. Introduction to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies
LGBTS/Gender M115. Topics in Study of Sexual and Gender Orientation
LGBTS/Gender M116. Sexuality and the City: Queer Los Angeles
LGBTS/Gender M118. Queering American History
LGBTS/Gender M126. Feminist and Queer Theory
LGBTS/Gender M133. Chicana Lesbian Literature
LGBTS/Gender M147A. Psychology of Lesbian Experience
LGBTS/Gender M167. Contested Sexualities
LGBTS/Gender M191D. Topics in Queer Literatures and Cultures
LGBTS/Gender M191E. Topics in Gender and Sexuality

Music History
Mus Hst/Gender M136. Music and Gender

Philos M187/Gender M110C. Philosophical Analysis of Issues in Feminist Theory

Political Science 
Pol Sci M107/Gender M117. Women and Politics

Psych/Gender M137E. Work Behavior of Women and Men
Psych/Gender M147A. Psychology of Lesbian Experience
Psych/Gender M165. Psychology of Gender
Pysch/Gender M172. Afro-American Woman in U.S.

Social Welfare 
Soc Wlf/Gender M104C. Diversity in Aging: Roles of Gender and Ethnicity

Sociol/Gender M162. Sociology of Gender
Sociol/Gender M163. Gender and Work
Sociol/Gender M164. Politics of Reproduction
Sociol/Gender M166. Women in Socialist and Post-Socialist States
Sociol/Gender M174. Sociology of the Family

Urban Planning
Urbn Pl/Gender M175. Women and Cities

World Arts and Cultures
WL Arts CM140/Gender CM143. Women Healers, Ritual, and Transformation