The Gender Studies department provides a quality education that emphasizes analytic and writing skills, qualitative research methods, and a historical and transnational understanding of social inequalities. Our faculty integrate feminist pedagogical approaches and their own research into their teaching. Our core courses address the concepts of gender and the body, gender and power, and gender and knowledge through a range of topics such as freedom and liberty, social movements, masculinities, work and leisure, politics of social justice, intersectionality, colonial and sexual violence, and visual culture and citizenship.

The Gender Studies minor is open to all undergraduates in the College of Letters and Science; students in other Schools may petition. All courses must be taken for a letter grade. A grade of “C” or better is required for all preparation courses and core courses; courses for which a grade of “C-” or lower is earned will not count. Admission to the minor requires a minimum GPA of 2.0.

How to Register

To sign up for the major or minor in the Department of Gender Studies, visit the Gender Studies undergraduate advisor, Samantha Hogan, in 1120 Rolfe during drop in advising hours, Monday-Thursday 11:00-2:00pm.  Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, in person drop in hours have been suspended.  Please contact undergraduate advisor Samantha Hogan directly at shogan@gender.ucla.edu

Student Affairs Officer: Samantha Hogan, 1120G Rolfe Hall, shogan@gender.ucla.edu

Department of Gender Studies Main Office: 1120 Rolfe Hall, (310) 206-8101.  Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Department of Gender Studies staff is currently working remotely and the main office is closed until further notice.

Students meet with the Gender Studies undergraduate counselor to review the requirements, to complete the registration and petition forms, and to plan their course of study. This should be done early but must be done no later than three quarters prior to graduation.


Preparation: GS 10: Introduction to Gender Studies: Feminist Perspectives on Gender in Society (5 units) GS 10 is a General Education (GE) course.

Core Courses: GS 102: Power (4 units), or GS 103: Knowledge (4 units), GS 104: Bodies (4 units) Students must complete GS 10 prior to enrolling in a core course. Students are required to take one core course, and they may choose one from any of the three.

Research: GS 187: Research Seminar (4 units), or GS 120: Internship (4 units), or equivalent course by petition (4 units)
Students are required to have completed the core course prior to enrolling in the research seminar, the internship program, or filing a petition for an equivalent major department course to fulfill the requirement.

Electives: 4 courses (16 units): No more than two courses from a student’s major may be counted.  Four upper division courses (at least 4 units each) chosen from the departmental course list or from non-departmental electives approved for GS credit.  Lists are available in the GS main office or online.  See Courses.