Ju Hui Judy Han

Ju Hui Judy Han

Ju Hui Judy Han

Assistant Professor and Vice Chair of Undergraduate Affairs


Gender Studies

Center for Korean Studies
Center for the Study of Women
Asia Pacific Center

Office: 7284 Bunche Hall

Email: judyhan@ucla.edu

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Ju Hui Judy Han is a cultural geographer and assistant professor in Gender Studies at UCLA. She was previously assistant professor in geography at the University of Toronto and an invited professor for the Korean studies program at École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS – School for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences) in Paris, France. She is part of Distinguished Speakers Bureau for Korean Studies, which runs out of the Northeast Asia Council of the Association for Asian Studies.

Her comics and writings about (im)mobilities, faith-based movements, and queer politics have been published in Critical Asian Studies, positions: asia critique, and Journal of Korean Studies as well as in several edited books including Ethnographies of U.S. Empire (2018), Territories of Poverty: Rethinking North and South (2015), and Q&A: Queer in Asian America (1998). She is currently working on a book manuscript on “queer throughlines” and co-writing another on protest cultures.

She regularly teaches the Gender Studies undergraduate core class on power (102), elective courses on transnational feminist politics (131) and comics (185), as well as graduate seminars on feminist geographies, queer temporalities, and research design and professional development.


Ph.D., Geography, UC Berkeley, 2009
B.A., English and Women's Studies, UC Berkeley, 1995

Research Interests

Religion, difference, conservatism
LGBTQ/queer politics and activism
Comics and graphic novels
Korean studies
Cultural geography

Selected Publications

Han, J.J. 2021. The Politics of Postponement and Sexual Minority Rights in South Korea. In Rights Claiming in South Korea, eds. Celeste L. Arrington and Patricia Goedde, 236-252. London: Cambridge University Press.

Han, J.J. 2020. The Queer Thresholds of Heresy. The Journal of Korean Studies 25 (2): 407-428.

Han, J.J. 2020. High-Altitude Protests and Necropolitical Digits. In Digital Lives in the Global City: Contesting Infrastructures, eds. Deborah Cowen, Alexis Mitchell, Emily Paradis, and Brett Story, 175-178. Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press.

Han, J.J. 2019. Singing from the Margins. The Immanent Frame: Secularism, religion, and the public sphere. January 24, 2019. https://tif.ssrc.org/2019/01/24/singing-from-the-margins/

Han, J.J. 2018. Shifting Geographies of Proximity: Korean-led Evangelical Christian Missions and the U.S. Empire. In Ethnographies of U.S. Empire, eds. Carole McGranahan and John Collins, 194-213. Durham: Duke University Press.

Han, J.J. 2017. Becoming Visible, Becoming Political: Faith and Queer Activism in South Korea. The Scholar & Feminist Online 14 (2). sfonline.barnard.edu/queer-religion/becoming-visible-becoming-political-faith-and-queer-activism-in-south-korea/

Han, J.J. 2016. The Politics of Homophobia in South Korea. East Asia Forum Quarterly 8 (2): 6-7.

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Han, J.J. 2015. K’uiŏ Chŏngch’iwa K’uiŏ Chijŏnghak. [Queer Politics and Queer Geopolitics], Munhwa/Kwahak 83: 62-81. In Korean.

Han, J.J. 2015. Our Past, Your Future: Korean Missionaries and the Script of Prosperity. In Territories of Poverty: Rethinking North and South, eds. Ananya Roy and Emma Shaw Crane, 178-194. Athens: University of Georgia Press.

Han, J.J. and Chun, Jennifer J. 2014. Introduction to Gender and Politics in Contemporary Korea. Journal of Korean Studies 19 (2): 245-255.

Na, Tari Young-Jung, translated by Ju Hui Judy Han and Se-Woong Koo. 2014. The South Korean Gender System: LGBTI in the Contexts of Family, Legal Identity, and Military. Journal of Korean Studies 19 (2): 357-377.

Han, J.J. 2013. Beyond Safe Haven: a Critique of Christian Custody of North Korean Migrants in China. Critical Asian Studies 45 (4): 533-560.

Han, J.J. 2011. “If You Don’t Work, You Don’t Eat”: Evangelizing Development in Africa. In New Millennium South Korea: Neoliberal Capital and Transnational Movements, ed. Jesook Song, 142-158. London: Routledge.

Han, J.J. 2010. Reaching the Unreached in the 10/40 Window: The Missionary Geoscience of Race, Difference and Distance. In Mapping the End Times: American Evangelical Geopolitics and Apocalyptic Visions, eds. Jason Dittmer and Tristan Sturm, 183-207. Hampshire: Ashgate Publishing.

Han, J.J. 2010. Neither Friends nor Foes: Thoughts on Ethnographic Distance. Geoforum 41 (1): 11-14.

Han, J.J. 2008. Missionary. Aether: the Journal of Media Geography 3: 58-83.


Podcast Support Grant, University of California Humanities Research Institute (UCHRI). 2021-22.

Society of Hellman Fellows Award, UCLA. 2021-22.

UCLA Faculty Career Development Award. 2018-2019.

Co-Applicant, “Protesting Publics in South Korea,” Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) Insight Grant. PI: Jennifer Jihye Chun. 2015-2020.

Co-Investigator, “Urban Aspirations in Seoul: Religion and Megacities in Comparative Studies,” Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity and the Academy of Korean Studies. 2011-2017.