Keywords for Latina/o Studies

Guzman, Keyword on “Brown” featured in first edition of Keywords for Latina/o Studies

Joshua Guzmán

Joshua Guzmán was invited to write the keyword on “Brown” for the first-edition of Keywords in Latina/o Studies which features leading scholars in the field. Guzmán’s keyword offers a genealogy of brownness, from Vasconcelos to the late theorist José Esteban Muñoz. Co-edited by Deborah Vargas, Lawrence La Fountain-Stokes and Nancy Raquel Mirabal, Keywords in Latina/o Studies will prove an indispensable resource for the students of ethnic studies, Latina/o studies, and gender and sexuality studies.

“With a powerhouse list of contributors, this collection of 63 alphabetically arranged essays from scholars around the US defines major themes, topics, and keywords in the Latina/o studies discipline…[W]ell-written and well-researched entries…Other than full-blown encyclopedias, monographs of this type that engage with the vocabulary of Latina/o studies are scarce.” —Choice