Korkman and Razack, “Transnational Feminist Approaches to Anti-Muslim Racism,” Meridians 20:2 (2021)

From the introduction to the special issue of Meridians edited by Professors Zeynep Korkman and Sherene Razack: “This special issue brings together feminist scholars to theorize anti-Muslim racism. It specifically attends to an understanding of anti-Muslim racism as transnational, proliferating, and linked to other racisms and projects of rule.  Three key questions are addressed: How do we understand global circuits of power as they travel and shape local contexts in which anti-Muslim racism operates, including contexts in which Muslims are the majority? How is global anti-Muslim racism a gendered phenomenon? What is a revolutionary politics in which resistant forms of Muslimness imagine another world? With its emphasis on the transnational, the special issue assembles scholars whose work on the regional contexts of Turkey, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, the Middle East, Europe, Canada, and the United States, among other nations, reveals the global circuits along which anti-Muslim racism travels.”